A confirmed tech geek, Tom enjoys weighing the abstractions of mathematics and the science of physics.  He also enjoys weighing the abstractions of art with an eclectic collection of technology and thingamabobs to create Freeze Frames.   When he’s not creating these, he can be found traveling (in search of family or more thingamabobs), reading (especially history), gardening, woodworking, wine-making, genealogy-ing, setting up mathematics scholarships, and donating his time to UNCA’s Lifelong Learning Institute.

A glimpse of his techno geek past:

After a successful career as an Operations Research Analyst/Statistician for the Department of Defense, he followed a series of retirement options until finally he discovered Asheville and cast his anchor.

His active involvement with the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors led to his experimentation recycling watches, clocks, and the innumerable small widgets of the trade.

Further inspiration led to combining these elements into original artworks notable for their striking use of everyday items demonstrating how art can be found in the most mundane of objects.  Today, Tom designs his compositions with a goal to reflect something memorable about the life and personality of the buyer.  His most recent commission encapsulated in hard plastic the variety of tools used by an audiologist supplemented by whimsical items including a rare 1943 steel penny and a 1944 brass shell casing penny.  This concept can be extended to capture memorable moments (freeze frames) of everyday life such as weddings, birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and anniversaries.  And, of course, any professional (Dr., Dentist, Colonel, engineer, etc.) could “freeze” the significant elements of their careers for the world to view.

Tom has displayed at galleries in Asheville and the variety of arts and craft fairs held in Buncombe and nearby counties, and is available to accept commissions from the professional community.

Tom is proud to have served in the Army (if you allow Army ROTC), Air Force and Navy, both in uniform and as a civilian employee.

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